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The International Buffalo Knowledge Resource Service (IBKRS), as a web-based electronic source of information on selected quality technical buffalo researches.

Its geographic coverage is international in scope with emphasis on countries with long years of established and reputable buffalo research information facilities.

IBKRS an information resource center designed and dedicated to facilitate the compilation, organization and dissemination of information on all areas relevant to buffalo production, breeding and genetics, reproductive biotechnologies, feeding management, animal husbandry and health, dairying and dairy technologies, and enterprise development.




The International Buffalo Knowledge Resource Services website comprehends the researches concerning water buffalos and other aspects that may be related to its kind. Information or data laid in it comes from compiled studies of refereed journals from all reputable and recognized researchers all over the world. Researches are compiled categorically to provide more efficient research time to the user. Such categories are Anatomy and Physiology, Biotechnology, Breeding and Genomics, Health and Biosafety, Management, Nutrition, Product Development, Pregnomics, Reproduction, And Socio-Economics, Policy and Development.

The IBKRS website motivates users to subscribe and get the most information a researcher can get in just one site.